Outdoor adventures
in Havreholm

Here at Til-Tops Havreholm Activity Park, we have a total of 6 tracks of varying degrees of difficulty. We have a height of 1 to 16 meters, as well as latest safety equipment, so you can always be safe when climbing.

Our parks

Come and see our many parks in Denmark

Ledreborg Fly High Til-Tops

With one of Denmark’s longest zip tracks as well as 2 climbing tracks.

Frederiksdal Til-Tops

Tree-climbing in Virum

Havreholm Til-Tops

Tree-climbing and Disc Golf in Hornbæk

Til Tops Byg

We now have our building department including planning, design and building of compelte parks

A day full of fun

The park has its own kiosk with the possibility of buying coffee, tea, water and soft drinks. Own parking space right next door. Book your time for climbing or disc golf here at Til-Tops Havreholm. We look forward to seeing you!

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Til Tops - Fly High

Til Tops - Frederiksdal

Til Tops - Havreholm