About the courses

Here at For Tops Bornholm we have a total of 6 climbing courses at 1 to 18 meters height with the latest safety equipment, so you are assured when climbing. The park has a kiosk with the possibility of buying ice cream, chocolate, soda etc.

Green course

  • Duration: approx. 20 – 40 minute climbing

The vast majority can manage to get through the green path, but many people may need to get used to being at a height of 2 – 6 meters.

Although the obstacles on Green Path are not necessarily technically difficult, it swings a lot up in the air. Therefore, everything becomes easier if you have a good balance when you have a trip on Green Bane. You will easily get sweat on the forehead, as the challenges offer a little of everything – however, there will also be space and time for a rest between the three cable cars.

  • Minimum height for participants: 130 cm.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Blue and light blue course

  • Duration: approx. 20 – 40 minute climbing
Remember to have a break before climbing on a blue track. It is somewhat harder than the green and requires a lot of balance.You can possibly start with the 4 elements that belong to the light blue path – they do not come quite as high up. When you’re done with them, you can decide whether to continue on a blue track – or go down.

Blue lane moves at a height of 5-10 meters, and this in itself can be a challenge.

You now have to float in the trapeze, balancing on bricks and through the slightly challenging “crab walk”. The blue path ends with a hike.
  • Minimum height for participants: 140 cm and 8 years old
  • Children under the age of 12 must have an adult (18 years +)

Red course

  • Duration: approx. 30 – 60 minute climbing

After a short time you reach 15 meters altitude on Rød Bane. The sway of the trees can easily be felt up there, and down to earth people will look small. On Rød Bane, the arms can feel long, just as the sweat drops easily find their way down the back. On Red Bane, it is the physical challenges that are characteristic. In addition to the physically demanding aspect, Red Bane can sometimes be technically challenging.

At Red Bane, the last cable car is called a free-fall weave – or “death slide.” At this hovering, perhaps a little extra overcoming to take the plunge and at the same time be focused when you also have to grab the huge net that you after floating. End up landing. When you are finished with Red Bane, you will surely have had fun and you will be satisfied with being at the end.

  • Minimum height for participation: 150 cm

  • Minimum age for participation: 10 years.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age.

Yellow course, beginner

  • Duration: 20 – 40 minutes of climbing

Yellow course is primarily for children aged 3 – 7 years, but can also be used by older children and adults. You move around 1 – 1.5 meters in height, so accompanying adults can easily help the children from the ground.

The obstacles are not technically difficult, but they do swing a little, require good balance and are super fun.

  • There are 2 cable cars on the yellow track.
  • Price DKK 89, – online booking and DKK 99, – if you pay when you arrive.

The long glide

Try our 208 meter long cable car – fly over the large grass area and enjoy the suck of the stomach. You have to climb two staircases, but no difficult exercises before you can sit out on the hover.

Children under 12 years of age must comply with an adult (18 years +) and be at least 130 cm tall. Remember smaller children like a short cord for “rolling marie” and therefore need help getting rid of when they land – this is a good idea if the adult runs first. Children under the age of 8 do not have access to the long hovercraft, regardless of height and experience. They are simply not heavy enough and never reach the platform

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