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Til-Tops is a Northern European outdoor activity company.

Operation of activity parks in nature, franchising and office services

Til-Tops develops, consults and owns tree-climbing and other nature activity parks. We manage our own parks, offer franchises for Til-Tops activity parks, and shared services for small businesses in the outdoor activity space.

  • Til-Tops currently runs 4 outdoor activity parks. 2 North of Copenhagen and 1 near Roskilde.

  • All parks have high-rope climbing tracks in various heights and difficulties
  • Some parks have additional activities such as Disc Golf and Football Golf and bow & arrow activity.
  • In all parks you can bring a picnic and buy cold and warm drinks & snacks or icecream in our kiosk.
  • Free parking


  • We offer franchise contracts for business owners who want to set up a new outdoor activity park or transform an existing park into a Til-Tops venue.
  • Franchisees benefit from the Til-Tops knowledge, experience and services.
  • For more details, read our Franchise Summary or get in touch with us. Call +4521173743 or write to us at:

& Service

  • We offer back-office services to help manage your business: booking system, customer service incl. hotline, book-keeping and accounting, employee scheduling and many more.
  • Franchiseindehavere drager nytte af Til-Tops’ viden, erfaring og kan benytte sig af forskellige Til-Tops services.
  • We consult you on the expansion & diversification of your business.

Til Tops - Fly High

Til Tops - Frederiksdal

Til Tops - Havreholm